What does traveling mean to you? How does it feel like to travel, to discover places, to explore cultures? What triggers your enthusiasm when looking forward to an excursion?

Well for me, Travelling means learning every day about ancient cultures and old and brand new habits from other realities, within and outside the conventional journeys, the feeling is always inconceivable, overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

When I first and every time I embark on a journey, I imagine a secret destination, that awaits me, filled with new voyage of discoveries!

If this is a mutual feeling, corroborate, if its novelty, read on…

Ever imagined waking up in country or place of your nostalgias?

Experiencing a life you always wanted away from the norms? How about that? That feeling of ultimate freedom is only found when you embark on a new journey, “when you travel solo”!

This is my Travel solo story told in an exhilarating tone.


I have to admit, travelling solo for the first time, can be a bit scary. On my first escapade as a solo traveller, I felt alone and a bit scared. I was travelling to Kenya for at least six months and kept asking myself if that was the best thing to do. I mean I knew nothing about this country in Africa, about its people, their beliefs, their language and prejudices.

Even gloomier, my not so proficient English meant that communicating once I landed would be as rugged as the English itself! I felt vulnerable, I felt detached.

But I overcame this feeling; further to its appeasement is the always welcoming nature of the Kenyan people. They helped me until I could almost always figure out things and places on my own. I am forever grateful.

Looking back to that very episode, this would be a life changing mission…

See, travelling and solo for that matter is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the few who have embarked on it almost always have all rosy stories to write home about their experiences.

On this journey I met people, had experiences and went places that really inspired my views of life and the world.

Being an avid travel bloggers, reader, I have this excerpt jotted in my diary from Milne, an Australian, solo traveller like me, “To travel is to be free…I am young. I eat, I write, I travel and I am humbled every day by what I see. I currently live in a small Muslim fishing village in Indonesia, taking every day as it comes, learning and loving every breath of fresh air and every moment I have here because like everything else in life, nothing lasts forever”.


Awesome People like Milne and other travel bloggers stories inspired my quest and I have never looked back. One of the reasons why I love traveling solo is the experiences you get, pushing your limits and desires you never thought existed.

For example, while on travel, I discovered my passion for impact in other people’s lives, especially in supporting kids and their pursuit for a good education. After a couple of months typically exploring Kenya and the larger east Africa as well volunteer work, I felt obliged to establish, Jiamini CBO. An initiative and a children day care center in a slum area Thika, some few miles from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Our goal at Jiamini is safeguard rights of vulnerable orphans as well as to seek out education opportunities for them.


Furthermore, solo traveling is about transcending borders (mental and physical, LOL) to create new relationships, all types, literally.  I love seeing new places and meeting new people. I’m sort of addicted to traveling. The chance to meet new people is the greatest benefit by a mile.

It is fulfilling in a nutshell.

The positive highlights are however not a stamp of veneration, there are albeit challenges you encounter.

Good days, bad days; days full of novelty and smiles; days that are one frustration after another.

Fortunately,with emerging platforms & events curated for the solo traveller like couch-surfing, airbnb and Facebook events, travelling has never been easier. I personally recommend from experience, budget friendly, hostel stay, every overnight stay  in a hostel in itself is the beginning of a new adventure with other packers.

In summary, don’t wait for a travel partner, don’t wait for the perfect time, stop dreaming and start going, doing!

(young woman hiker taking photo with smart phone)

I could go on and on with this blog in part, but for now, let me leave it here, because, as they say,

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in you sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

The best moment is now. Make it happen and start planning your first solo travel experience!

If you need some ideas or help, feel free to check out our company page Travel With Nashipae or write to me info@travelwithnashipae.com or just whatsapp me (254) 715 486 703. For the avent reader, wait for the next blog series, maybe it keeps inspiring you and your upcoming solo travel adventure.

(Sinja Stötzner), 

Travel Solo.Discover.Live.Love

Author is a travel ethusiast and a director at Travel With Nashipae

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