How does Safari feels like?


Since my childhood I have always dreamed of going for a Safari. I couldn’t help to one day have a chance to finally engage the Big five while on their natural habitat. Finally after years in my dreamland, my dream become a reality, I got a chance to engage the big five (lions, giraffe, elephants, buffalo’s) in their natural habitat. The experience was way much better than I anticipated or expected.

While writing this blog post I am still fascinated from the breath-taking safari. The most important lesson I have learned is to be open for what you are going to experience. Going for safari is not the same as a luxury holiday at the beach. Not unless you have booked a flight to your luxury hotel that includes a flight. Be ready for a very bumpy, dusty, long road trip and a stay at a tented camp.

My first day on Safari


I couldn’t wait to start the Safari. Overexcited as I was, I was way too early at the agreed meeting point. Bit by bit other traveller arrived for our group joining safari, which was the perfect way for me as a solo traveller to connect with others. Finally at 8 am the tour started. Around 9:30 am we had our first short break at the Great Rift Valley view point: A place where you  have a magnificent view on the natural land scape which gives you a view for as far as your eyes can reach, deep within the horizons. It was just an amazing feeling to capture all the cute villages we passed on our way. I’ve never known that Africa can be so green.  I was so tired, but couldn’t sleep on the other hand because I didn’t want to miss anything. The last one hour drive to Masai Mara was more than tricky. We’ve managed to use roads which I’ve never thought we would cross. But what would this trip be without all the challenges of crossing broken bridges or flooded roads?

After a 6 hours journey we arrived at the camp and kicked off directly to our evening game drive. My highlight was to watch a cheetah relaxing on a tree and the sun going down behind the tree at the same time. I’ve never seen or captured such a beautiful and colourful sunset during my four years of traveling in Kenya. Lucky me, I had carried my binocular, which was just perfect to lock in my target!

Our tented camp


The most important for me when choosing the tented camp was the facilities of a hot shower. I couldn’t imagine how it will look like and I was actually afraid of sleeping in a tent. But the tents are luxury tent, built on a floor with ceramic tiles, equipped with beds and mosquito nets and their own bathroom. What I loved about the camp is that you live like in a community. The Maasai securities are always around and you can join them for a drink at the bonfire.

My highlights from the safari


If you have ever dreamed about the typically African landscape, Masai Mara is the place to go. Now imagine how stunning it is to watch a lion cross the road directly in front of you or herds of giraffe passing by.

An overwhelming place in Masai Mara is the Mara River, where a lot of spectacle happens. The home of the most dangerous animals: The Hippos!

But my absolute favorite and funniest animal I’ve watched in Masai Mara is a pumba. Always running with his short cute legs, exactly the same way you know it from the Lion King!


Hot Air Balloon Safari


Can you imagine watching the Big Five from a hot air balloon and being so close to the heads of giraffe? Neither do I.  After the absolutely breath-taking safari, we were served a first class bush breakfast by Maasai, in the middle of Masai Mara. Enjoy your onetime life experience with a glass of Champaign and your English breakfast under an Arcacian Tree.













If you can afford it, just do it! It is totally worth it!



Visit to Maasai Village


I highly recommend a visit to the Maasai Village. I’ve ever lived with the Maasai and it still fascinates me. Their culture and traditions are just so impressive. Take the chance and support their community with just $10. What touched my heart most is the smile of the Maasai children in their torn clothes.

Be ready for a new experience in a totally different world!

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