Well, where do I start? For the longest time hiking Mount Kenya was top on my bucket list. The excitement and anxiety with this trip was always overwhelming. Then the day came, to travel to Kenya and among other expeditions take on the Mt. Kenya Hike safari.

On this trip, I was joined by a friend of mine from  Berlin, Germany, she was really enthusiastic about hiking Mount Kenya, which is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro. The highest peak of the mountain is Batian standing at 5,199 metres high.

On the D-day we started our hike at about 2000 meters, joining in was Jimmy, our awesome guide as well as Porter and Cook who were part of the crew for the hike.

The first day was surprisingly less challenging, we felt relaxed and really enjoyed it. At the end of the day, we set up a tented camp, bonfire and prepared dinner for all.  I recall nonchalantly how we emphatically got to know each other while having the best of the bonfire… It was amazing. I think travelling apart from the exciting hiking experiences is about getting to know and connect with other people from all over the world. 

The night was chilly, a sharp contrast of the warm weather during the day. Temperatures can be really low on mountain peaks, but thanks to our travel agency, Travel With Nashipae, the comfortable and warm sleeping bags were just what we needed to keep us cozy till morning. But I still wish I carried a self-heating pillow to keep things a little bit warmer.

Day 2 started at 7 am, after morning rituals we proceeded on with the hike. Early morning was a hike through the beautiful landscapes and the scenic views. I remember with awe this one place specifically, where we were surrounded by panoramic plant life, it felt like a rabbit in the middle of a huge pineapple field.

After lunch the weather changed. It got foggy, drizzly and the evening engulfed in cold, it was really cold with snow. The first night was really cold, so I thought, but this was something else. The second night was colder by a mile. To keep up, I would do couple of spirit shots to keep myself spirited and warm, I recommend the same for you too when you plan a hike safari.

The best was yet to come, read on.

Our third day was filled with mixed emotions, but mostly super exciting.  We set out at three a.m., the earliest so far. It was really dark, which is why a headlight should always make top of your packing list for a hike safari. Nonetheless day three was the ultimate challenge yourself experience. I rate it top of the challenges of my life! Picture this, a hiking excursion in midst of a dark cloud. Moving on at the same time having to delicately watch every step you take.

Just then, our guide would inform us that we are almost there. As we trekked up the mountain, all you could here were trumping steps, somehow in symphony as we kept moving, eyes on the prize.

Finally, yaay!

It was sunrise and here we were, at the peak, dumbfounded with a burning fire of delight. Here I was, at the peak on Mount Kenya, a dream come true, a goal actualized, an ambition realized! Everyone was excited and patiently waiting on that one moment that would epitomized this experience, one that would crown and make it the reality we saw wishfully wanted,

The sun appearing on the horizon!

We were at one of the peaks by the time the sun came out. And wow, just wow, watching the sun rise on top of Mount Kenya was exhilarating!

Picturesque, Sun rising above a soft sea of clouds at the horizon, sunrays splitting through the clouds like a cracked wattle wall, the slopes finally received light, the silvery rays, for a moment we forgot the experiences before and the challenge ahead to just experience this moment. This was the perfect moment for a delightful tear drop.

I had never thought of successfully hiking a tall mountain, a peak nor its summit! But I had managed! And believe me it’s worth it! You are so proud of yourself and satisfied after you conquer such a milestone! Furthermore, the views are always a marvel, those type of images that stick in your mind forever, first because they are nostalgic, second because of the meaning you attach to such memories. It’s hard to find the right words to describe such moments.

Our way down was much easier than up. I guess that is how everything in life is. Back at our camp we were served great breakfast. After a short rest we started our way back to the first camp. This time round the weather was great and we had the chance to enjoy the wonderful, scenic landscapes downhill.

Our last night…

… Was relaxing really. We talked about lots of things but mainly about our experiences on this great hike safari by Travel With Nashipae. Once again on our final lap we stopped to experience the super fascinating bird life.

All in all it was a great safari, the experiences wholesomely in Kenya are invaluable. The guides on the hike were the best, the country, the people were everything good one can look forward to on a travel in  a new country.

I could go on and on but let me let you experience Mt Kenya for yourself, and when you do, chose Travel With Nashipae as your preferred travel and tours company, you won’t regret it.

Bonus – Insider Tip:

Make sure you bring warm cloths, at highs of 4900 meters it can get really cold and snowy.

But when you are a little sensitive it is also advisable to carry sunscreen,otherwise you’ll get a red nose. I’m not saying this happened to me but….

By Annika Geissler

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